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I Will Never Stop Fighting for My Kids

The hardest time that I ever experienced in my life was trying to protect my children during the criminal child abuse that was instituted by government authorities, schools and healthcare institutions during the COVID pandemic.


The “social distancing” policies had zero epidemiological justifications. It was a way to isolate us and make us stop talking to each other. To make us feel that we were alone with our thoughts and fears around the whole situation.


Forcing people to wear masks also had nothing to do with stopping the spread of disease. There are plenty of studies that show this, and also that wearing these muzzles actually have a severely negative impact on people’s health. But these studies were suppressed by the censorship regime and thought police.

My three reasons why!

We had just moved to Florida from Georgia when the COVID madness started. My youngest was about to start kindergarten, and I found out that the school required the children to wear masks at all times.


This was, of course, completely unacceptable to me. I went to see the principal. I said that under no circumstances will my son wear a mask during school. If that would be the case, I said, I would immediately pull him out and home school him.


The principal said that I had nothing to worry about. I was relieved.


The next day, after picking my son up from school, I ask him how his day had been. He started crying. He said that the teacher had forced him to sit by an open window, away from his classmates. And she had said that he wasn’t allowed to play with the other kids.


I was furious. I ran into the building and demanded to speak to the teacher. But she refused to talk to me. I went and found the principal, who told me that her hands were tied: It was up to each teacher to set their preferred COVID measures in class.


On the second day, when I picked up my son, he got in the car wearing a mask. I asked him why.


“Mom, I just want to play with my friends,” he said.


I was crushed.

A few days later, through new friends, I found a group of parents with similar experiences. I found out that the school was getting $500,000 from the government for forcing the children to wear masks.


Together, we came up with a strategy. The rules were that if your child had been “exposed to COVID” they had to stay home for two weeks. So leading up to the time for the student count – which determines how much funding the school receives from the county – we all started pulling our kids out.


The principal then threatened to call child protective services on me. But we held on strong and didn’t back down.


As much as they wanted to isolate us and crush our spirits, we were never alone – which I discovered after connecting with the community around me.


We arranged an event where doctors wrote mask exemptions for everyone who wanted one. Thousands of people showed up, and we worked around the clock.


Remember that we are not alone. And we will never stop fighting for our freedom and for our children.


Tanya Parus

President & Managing Member

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