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Treatment Day


TruDOSETM IV platelet therapy is a patent pending regenerative treatment utilizing the healing power of your body’s own blood platelets. When given at the right dose, your platelets can restart your body’s immune and repair systems to get rid of systemic inflammation. Since 2018, TruDOSETM IV platelet therapy has treated thousands of patients around the globe with systemic inflammation and chronic conditions and gained a word of mouth following from patients.

At the most basic understanding, TruDOSETM IV Platelet Therapy is a minimally invasive blood draw similar to having your labs drawn.

  • Arrive hydrated, and excited about 10 minutes before your appointment. 

  • If you still have a balance,  you will pay for the remainder of your treatment prior to your therapy.

  • We will provide you with some paperwork to fill out, which includes a questionnaire.

  • We will bring you to the Spa-IV room, where you can get comfortable.

  • The procedure begins with testing a few drops of your blood and is analyzed by TruDOSETM Regenerative Technology.

  • Our staff will take your same to our preparatory room and use the TruDOSETM Regenerative technology proprietary metrics and analytics to determine your personalized, dose-specific treatment meant only for you and your specific condition.

  • Within minutes of the analyzing, we will come back in to you and start an IV line where a specific amount of blood is drawn from your arm.

  • We will then bring that to our preparatory room and spin down your blood drawn in a centrifuge.

    • A 15 minute, two step centrifugation process is executed by the clinical staff to produce your personalized, dose specific TruDOSETM IV platelet therapy.

  • Once your therapy is ready, we will administer it intravenously back into your arm by one of our trained medical providers.

  • We will end the treatment with some questions, and possibly some video testimony.  

  • The entire patient experience lasts about an hour from start to finish. It's simple. It's minimally invasive. It's your blood with minimal risks. At theright dose, the TruDOSETM, this therapy can heal your body.


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