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What is TruDose PRP IV Therapy?

TruDOSETM IV platelet therapy is a patent pending regenerative treatment utilizing the healing power of your body’s own blood platelets. When given at the right dose, your platelets can restart your body’s immune and repair systems to get rid of systemic inflammation. Since 2018, TruDOSETM IV platelet therapy has treated thousands of patients around the globe with systemic inflammation and chronic conditions and gained a word of mouth following from patients.

  • At the most basic understanding, TruDOSETM IV Platelet Therapy is a minimally invasive blood draw similar to having your labs drawn.

  • The procedure begins with testing a few drops of your blood and is analyzed by TruDOSETM Regenerative Technology.

  • TruDOSETM Regenerative technology utilizes proprietary metrics and analytics to determine a personalized, dose-specific treatment meant only for you and your specific condition.

  • Within minutes of the analyzing, a specific amount of blood is drawn from your arm and processed via centrifugation.

  • A 15 minute, two step centrifugation process is executed by the clinical staff to produce your personalized, dose specific TruDOSETM IV platelet therapy.

  • Once your therapy is ready, it is administered intravenously back into your arm by a medical provider.

  • The entire patient experience lasts about an hour from start to finish. It's simple. Its minimally invasive. It's your blood with minimal risks. At the

    right dose, the TruDOSETM, this therapy can heal your body.

TruDose Treatment Information

What is TruDOSE™?

TruDOSE™ involves drawing your own blood, concentrating the platelets to a dose-specific level, and re-infusing it back into your body. It's your own blood healing your own body!


Why TruDOSE™?

- Proven Results: TruDOSE™ has shown great results in helping patients with various conditions find symptom relief and even reverse their conditions.

- Safety: Since it's your own blood, there is very minimal risk associated with this therapy.


Appointment and Cost Details:

- Appointment Confirmation: To secure your spot, a $600 deposit is required.

- Total Cost: The total price for the treatment is $1500 if you are a member.  If you are not a member the total price is $1800. All remaining payments are due before the time of your treatment.


How to Get Started:

If you're ready to experience the benefits of TruDOSE™, please contact us at (941) 265-1776 to schedule your treatment or book online. 


Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your health and well-being.

Here are some conditions successfully being treated with TruDOSE:


Joint & muscle Pains Kidney Failure
LYME & co-infections Low libido
Frequent urination
Loss of feeling or sensation in limbs
Cold fingertips
Obsessions (intrusive, persistent thoughts)
Compulsions (difficult-to-resist urges to perform specific actions
Regressive behavior (such as temper tantrums in older children)
Rapid heartbeat Light-headedness Fainting
High/low blood pressure Inability to exercise Nausea
Blurred vision Headaches
Sleeping Problems
Inability to move on one side
Problems understanding speaking
Recurring sinus, yeast, and UTI infections
TBI & Concussions Vision problems Skin rashes Spinning sensation Feeling dizzy Nausea
Vomiting Fever
Ringing sound in the ears
Abnormal eye movements
Loss of hearing
Difficulty balancing
Changes in blood pressure and heart rate
Inability to concentrate
& more

Fatigue or chronic fatigue
Inflammatory Conditions
Cognitive dysfunction, brain fog
Memory loss, difficulty concentrating
Severe joint pains in all joints
Muscle aches, pains, weakness
Losing hair
Slow learning
Delay in speech
Issues recalling or naming letters, numbers and colors
Misspells words
Difficulty with learning numbers Trouble learning
Burning pains Tingling/numbness
Unable to move/wheelchair bound Skin rashes
Chronic pain
Burning urination
Substance abuse
Epstein Barr, herpes, other viruses Fatigue
History of emotional trauma Allergic to foods, smells, etc.
Foot drop
Frozen shoulder
Hypo/hyper thyroid
Suicidal thoughts
Anxiety, panic attacks, depression Mood swings Headaches/migraines/dizziness Shortness of breath
Swollen and tender lymph nodes

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