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Recommended Pre-Treatment Plan


Why Preparation is Important: Taking the time to prepare for the TruDose PRP IV therapy can significantly enhance its effectiveness and ensure a smoother treatment process. Hydration and nutrient support beforehand can help optimize the patient's health and ensure they are in the best possible condition for the therapy. Consulting with their doctor about medication adjustments and avoiding certain medications can help prevent any potential complications. Overall, proper preparation can lead to better outcomes and a more positive experience for the patient.


1. Hydration: Patients should hydrate the day before the treatment with a 1000cc normal saline bag. This helps ensure they are well-hydrated for the therapy.

a.   Nutrient Support: Consider a Myers Cocktail in the IV the day before to ensure adequate nutrient levels.

b.  Optional IV: While not required, it is recommended to have an IV for hydration purposes.


2. Vein Vasodilation: Patients who are hard to stick can try taking black seed oil a few days before treatment to vasodilate their veins.


3. Medication Adjustment: Patients should consult with their doctor to determine if they need to taper down their blood thinning medication a couple of days before treatment. This should be done under the guidance of their healthcare provider.


4. Avoidance of Certain Medications: Patients should also discuss with their doctor if they should avoid anti-inflammatories and steroids a few days prior to treatment, as these may interfere with the therapy.


5. Lab Draws: If patients want to see differences in lab results, they should schedule their lab draws a few days prior to treatment. In some cases, labs can be drawn at the same appointment as the PRP therapy. Lab draws are not included in the treatment plan


6. Arrival Time:  Patients should arrive 10 minutes ahead of schedule to fill out any necessary paperwork.


7. Visit Duration: The patient should plan for an hour visit, but generally, the appointment takes approximately 45 minutes.


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