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Post Treatment


You just received an IV treatment. This treatment should be considered a systemic treatment whereby your body inherently, and intelligently, knows where to prioritize these healing resources for healing. As such, two individuals with similar symptoms could experience completely different treatment effects based on a variety of individual factors.

You may become more tired and want to sleep longer than you did prior to treatment. This increased fatigue or tiredness is a sign of the therapy working. You may also feel “weird.” Fatigue can be a sign of:

  • Your body telling you to take it easy because it’s trying to make you sleep so it can execute repairs.

  • Your body is executing massive detox and clearance throughout your body. Detox and clearance expends a great deal of cell energy and will make you feel fatigued.

  • Your body is experiencing a Herxheimer reaction. This will definitely make you feel fatigued.

  • Consult your Provider about IV Nutrition to help minimize post treatment fatigue.


You may experience pain in other areas. This can be a sign of:

  • Activating latent viruses or parasites.

  • The body initiating repair in other areas.

  • The body re-awakening the nervous system.


A successful treatment will require:

  • Normal activity with no extra exercise for the first 48 hours.

  • For 10 days post treatment, please suspend all detoxing protocols (HOCATTTM, red light therapy, infrared sauna, etc.)

  • No NSAID’s and/or steroids for 2-4 weeks after the injection.

  • Follow your Provider’s post-treatment therapy plan.

  • Glutathione is an important supplement to take during this time to allow better detoxification.  We have Glutathione lozenges, and we also have Glutathione intramuscular injections at We The People. 


90 Days and later–Expectations vary by individual:

  • Depending on the severity of your condition, you could experience periods of highs and lows. This is normal, and a sign of the body’s re-calibration process.

  • It is common for repairs to happen in areas you were not aware of. This is the body prioritizing the healing needs and repairs.

  • Depending on the severity of the symptoms, additional treatments may be necessary.

  • Prior to your next treatment, work with your Provider to have a treatment plan in place.

Most chronic conditions will require a follow up treatment in approximately 8-12 weeks, but your provider will work with you after the treatment to determine what is necessary for you.

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