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When Tyranny Comes To Town

Tyranny came to town one day. It didn’t advertise its presence or plans beforehand. Suddenly, it was just there, expecting us all to submit to its bizarre new rules for thought and behavior.


The sad case is that many Americans did. The minority of us who saw what was going on also felt it strongly in our hearts and minds. A big, dark cloud was right above us. For a brief moment, we were caught in disbelief. Could this really be happening? In our America?


We didn’t want it to be true. But it was. And so many of our neighbors, co-workers, friends – even family – went along with the program.

When tyranny revealed itself in the form of the bizarre COVID regulations, it did not come out of the blue. Much of the groundwork had been laid over decades – but in incremental steps. In order for it to take root, tyranny has to carefully prime and project influence over the population – and this happens by means of compartmentalization.


Compartmentalization is the dividing up of society and people into different bubbles. A good example is education. If you don’t have kids or interact with schools and teachers, you wouldn’t know what type of ideas and politics are taught to American children – and have been for years.


If you’re not in college, you wouldn’t know how Marxist ideology has impacted almost every single discipline. And if you’re not in healthcare, you wouldn’t understand the inner workings of an authoritarian system controlled through fraudulent science, bribery, threats and extortion.


After this rude awakening to what had become our reality, some of us started fighting it. We were all unprepared and ill-equipped to take on this battle for our freedom and survival. I was not a soldier. I had no training in psychological warfare. I was not an investigative reporter or an academic expert on Communism. But yet I knew I had to fight – and fight for our lives.


I knew because I’m a mother.


I knew I had to fight for the future of my children.


I knew that I had to fight as hard as was humanly possible.


If you’re a mother, you know what I’m talking about. As a mom, I will not accept a future where my children – or yours – have to grow up and live under tyranny.


When school fails – or is captured by ideologies and operatives that want to enslave us and deprive our children of freedom, motherhood becomes even more important.


It’s imperative that we teach our children how to think critically – that we encourage them to always ask questions and not blindly accept authority. We must teach them to identify and disassemble tyrannical and totalitarian ideologies, even when they are cloaked (as they are) in “good” words of peace, acceptance, sustainability, equality… the list is long, because one of the key tactics of those who want to strip us of our freedom is to deceive with language.


Teach your children to be skeptical. Train them how to spot ulterior motives. Encourage them to listen to their gut and their heart. When something feels wrong, it often is.


It was being a mother that fueled the fighting spirit for me, and together, we moms have become a national – I hope even global – resistance movement.


Also, encourage your children to become leaders and participants in your local community. Encourage them to be vocal and speak up against oppression, discrimination and mistreatment – this way, they will be well-equipped for taking charge of their present and their future.


We will never give up the fight to defend our children and we will never stop working for their right to a decent life in freedom, security and happiness.



Tanya Parus

President & Managing Member


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