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Why Are We Here? Because Our Leaders Have Been Compromised

I know that many of you ask the question: “What happened to America?”


Anyone unable to see that the government and corporations have gone full rogue is either in denial or brainwashed by the media organs of the public-private partnership of the state and corporations, which keep broadcasting propaganda and lies around the clock.


The government – and both parties in the Senate and Congress – continuously make decisions that are detrimental to the American people. They are sending hundreds of billions of dollars to finance a war and a regime in one of the most corrupt countries in the world – a war which has taken a mind-blowing 750,000 lives.


They are sending a constant stream of weapons and billions of dollars in support to another government that indiscriminately bombs, shoots and starves civilians, causing over 30,000 deaths (according to the Department of Defense’s own statistic).


As if that’s not enough, they are submitting bills and voting through legislation that restrict Americans’ freedom of speech under the false premise that it is a matter of national security. 


This is not the will of the American people. Americans want peace. We want to be left alone to raise our families and build our lives. We don’t want war, unless someone poses a credible threat to us (not a manufactured one created by our enemies).

So why is it happening?


It’s because those who are supposed to represent us have been compromised. They are being controlled by interests that have nothing to do with the American people, other than to strip us of assets, wealth, health, military hardware and even our armed forces.


There are many methods to compromise someone in politics or business. The most common one is bribery. We see this in how our politicians accept campaign contributions from special interest and foreign countries. When they are elected, they are bound to promote their sponsors’ agendas – quid pro quo.


But some people refuse to take bribes. The enemy then moves to another method, which is blackmail. We see this in the Epstein case, where senior leaders in virtually all our institutions were either lured or forced into compromising situations where they were filmed committing acts so despicable, we can only imagine.


The enemy organizations which designed and executed the Epstein operation used innocent children to get dirt on our politicians, justices and oligarchs. This is not American. It is an abomination.


But it’s not just national politicians and the super-powerful in business who are targeted by compromise operations. Even local politicians, police chiefs and sheriffs – or someone running for school board or hospital board – can be singled out for blackmail and bribery.

We can never trust someone to represent us as Americans when they have accepted money from special interests. There’s not much we can do about the people at the top who are running our country into the ground. But we can do something locally.


Before you vote for anyone that will affect decisions in your community, make sure you look up what kind of relationships they have with so-called charities, corporations, foreign nations or powerful individuals.


If we are to save this country, we must kick out the compromised, put them on trial for their treason and go after the people and organizations that corrupted them with all that we’ve got.


Because they are mortal enemies of We The People, and the real terrorists.



Tanya Parus

President and Managing Member


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