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“At Least One in Eight Who Took the COVID Vaccines Have Been Injured”

Dr. Michelle Scott is a physician with We The People Health & Wellness Center. When COVID started, she was working at an urgent care clinic in Florida.


She immediately felt that something was wrong and was skeptical of the protocols coming down from the CDC, such as mask wearing.

Dr. Michelle Scott M.D.

“It was always clear that the masks didn’t work. I was appalled especially at how they were forcing children to wear masks. It’s downright harmful,” Dr. Scott says.


At the urgent care clinic, Dr. Scott saw patients whose inflammatory markers were through the roof. She started treating them with anti-inflammatory medications but ran into problems that she had never expected. 


“The reason hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin work so well is because they are anti-inflammatories. But many pharmacists refused to fill my prescriptions – something completely unprecedented in healthcare,” Dr. Scott explains.


Fortunately, she was able to find a pharmacy that wouldn’t question her treatment selections. To date, she has successfully treated over 1,500 patients – and none of them have ended up in the hospital. It came at a high cost to her personally – as she got fired from two healthcare providers for prescribing medication that actually worked.


“My colleagues saw that my patients were not ending up in the ICU. I think they believed what I said, but for some reason, they weren’t prescribing it,” Dr. Scott says.


Many of the patients who ended up in the hospitals never made it back out. 


“The hospitals became the killing fields. They wouldn’t allow visitors in. They kept testing people for COVID until they got a positive result. Then – intubation, remdesivir and death. And the hospitals got richer from following this protocol. It was just pure evil, and you wonder how doctors and nurses could go along with this. If they didn’t, they were ostracized,” Dr. Scott explains.


Another thing that contributed to patient deaths was the fact that people didn’t receive important treatment and procedures for other conditions. This, despite the fact that many hospitals were basically empty.


Now, Dr. Scott sees many patients who have been injured by the COVID vaccines – at least one in eight patients who chose to take the injection.


“The vaccine destroys your immune system. Part of the sequence in the vaccine has to do with HIV, and similar to an AIDS patient, the COVID shot destroys your T-cells so that your body can’t fight infections. You’re also susceptible to so-called “turbo cancer” – I have seen patients whose cancers have returned after many years of remission. Then they spread like wildfire,” Dr. Scott says.


She also mentions that heart problems, like myocarditis and atrial fibrillation, are common injuries from the COVID vaccine.


“Unfortunately, some patients will not listen to me when I say that their injuries have been caused by the vaccine. It’s very hard to change people’s minds when they’ve been conditioned to believe a certain way,” Dr. Scott explains.


She recommends those who have been vaccinated but don’t have any symptoms to do a spike detox for about six months. When it comes to those who have been injured, treatments vary depending on the conditions.


When it comes to the future of medicine, Dr. Scott says that we have to work against the influence of Big Pharma and find other treatment options than pharmaceuticals.

“Big Pharma are not here to create any cures for diseases. They are here to create customers,” Dr. Scott says.


“What we must do is to help patients boost their immune systems so that they can better fight diseases.”


Dr. Michelle Scott brings over twenty years of primary care expertise to her patients. She started her journey in internal medicine with Rush Prudential Health Care in 1994, followed by tenures with Mobile Doctors and Adventist Healthcare. As a hospitalist, she served in a variety of renowned hospitals in Florida and Illinois, where she made a significant impact, including the implementation of a new hospitalist program at Blake Hospital. Currently, Dr. Scott holds an active physician's license in Florida, is ACLS and CPR certified, and maintains a Medical License from the Medical Board of Internal Medicine.


Click here to watch Dr. Scott’s video on COVID-19.

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