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Your Health is Our Mission – We Will Always Choose People over Profit

As the dark clouds that have gathered over our country seemingly refuse to scatter, We The People Health & Wellness Center stands firm on our first priority: You, our patients.


Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that this nation isn’t primarily made up of celebrities, talking heads, influencers and politicians who have lost their way. As we go through these troubled times, our mission and focus are clear. We are here to look after your health – nothing else.


We The People Health & Wellness is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a grifting, fake-patriot or deep state operation with powerful backers in politics and finance. We don’t engage in Twitter feuds or dedicate precious time to shameless self-promotion on the Internet.


Our clinic, our employees, our doctors and nurses – and you, who make up our community here in Venice and Sarasota – have been through a lot. We have been dragged through the mud by a mainstream media that has completely abdicated from honest reporting; we have been called terrible, untrue names; we have been ridiculed.


For what?


For trying to take back control of our bodies and our health from a system that has grown into a tyrannical beast. But we never gave up, and we are still standing.


We are now serving the community of freedom-loving Floridians, and we refuse to internalize and accept the warped situation that we are all living through. We affirm our natural rights as human beings. We demand our freedom of choice and freedom in choosing the care that’s right for us.


Our clinic did not come into existence as a pre-planned, investor-backed money-making operation. It grew from personal activism. In the midst of the COVID tyranny and gross medical malpractice, I found myself on the front lines, trying to organize care for people close to me and others in our community – some of whom are patients today. I was doing my best to do what was right – get people out of the hospitals, where they were being held in isolation, subjected to deadly protocols of remdesivir and ventilators.


Then, it was time to face off with Sarasota Memorial Hospital in an attempt to wrestle it free from the hands of cold-blooded war profiteers in white-coat camouflage. Together, we raised the Medical Freedom slate of candidates. The public meetings and alternative media coverage became undeniable proof of SMH’s disastrous policies and disregard for human rights, life and limb. But you don’t fix such entrenched evil overnight.


It's important to point out that there are good doctors and nurses working in the system, but they are held back by deadly protocols and measures ordered by the CDC and HHS. In fact, there are some great people that are stuck on the inside of this structure – they want change – but voicing that comes with career-ending risk.


The challenge to the hospital at that time was to recognize that we as tax-paying citizens had a voice to be reckoned with and that we were and had been paying attention. It was an opportunity for the hospital to embrace its true owners – the public that pays its bills – listen to the opinions and do better. That opportunity was not seized.


Instead, we were met with more hostility.  


We realized that we had to build our own clinic – the beginning of a health system that treats people right and respects their inherent value as human beings. That brings back love, respect and dignity for every American. 


We The People Health and Wellness Center was born to provide a safe haven, a judgment-free primary care clinic, where sick patients could be seen without being forced to be vaccinated or forced to wear masks. Many people who came to see us were scared to death of their doctors and the hospital – which entailed that they avoided both when they were sick. We at the clinic wanted them to get treatment before they fell so ill that they would have no choice but go to the hospital. 


What makes our freedom-focused health care feasible is that we do not take money from the government or any other entity that would try to control, limit and suppress our ability to treat patients with dignity and respect for their choices. Instead, we are cash pay with a low monthly fee for service. That gives our doctors the freedom to be able to treat based upon their medical training, expertise and experience instead of following top-down orders from bureaucrats and dark forces that obviously do not have our best interest in mind.


We have been through challenging times, to say the least. But I believe these trials and tribulations have also made us better. It was during this time that I found my calling, which I’m eternally grateful for: We The People, with health, freedom and justice for all.



Sincerely with healthy blessings,




Tanya Parus

President and Managing Member







  • Please join us in a warm welcome for our new Medical Assistant, Heather Penrod!

  • Additional IVs, such as NAD+ and Methylene Blue coming soon!

  • Recent change to our "almost" launched Referral Program. We were advised by our attorneys that we are unable to offer anything of value for referrals to our center. While this was an unfortunate finding, we can still offer hugs and free smiles. Sorry everyone, I tried.

  • Recently, we have been treating many people with MTHFR gene mutations. More than 44% of the population has MTHFR gene mutations. Supplementing properly helps!

  • We have been helping our cancer patients with high-dose Vitamin C IVs and our MS patients with Alpha Lipoic Acid IVs.

  • We still see a high rate of COVID-19 jab injuries in new patients who are coming into the clinic – since they know we will take them seriously and provide the best possible treatment. We are doing our best to help them.

  • We have had a great increase in new pediatric patients in the past few weeks!

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Never forget-there is nothing in our Constitution authorizing government to be involved in medical care. Remember-hospitals were paid by the government for diagnoses of COVID. Government bureaucrats should never be allowed to coerce anyone in a matter of medical care. The Nuremberg Code, which the USA signed on to after World War Two and the Nazi Doctors' Trial forbids these experimental shots being forced on people. Thank you for all you done at We The People. I support you. Tamzin Rosenwasser MD

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