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Red Light Therapy Pricing

At We The People Health and Wellness Center, we are excited to offer Red Light Therapy as part of our comprehensive wellness services. We believe in providing accessible and affordable options for our clients. Our Red Light Therapy pricing and membership options are designed to accommodate different needs and budgets. Read on to learn more.
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What's Included

Red Light Therapy to Reduce
Pain and Inflammation


  • Access to state-of-the-art Red Light Therapy equipment

  • Knowledgeable and trained staff to guide you through the process

  • Relaxing and comfortable treatment rooms

  • The opportunity to experience the numerous benefits of Red Light Therapy, such as improved skin health, reduced inflammation, pain relief, and enhanced relaxation

But what exactly is Red Light Therapy? 

Also known as Photobiomodulation or Low-Level Laser Therapy, Red Light Therapy is a scientifically-backed method that uses low-energy red light to stimulate cellular function, enhancing collagen production, and promoting the healing and rejuvenation in the skin and other body tissues.

The Transformative Benefits of Red Light Therapy

The true power of Red Light Therapy lies in its wide range of health benefits. Experience the revitalization that comes from:

  • Improved Skin Health: The therapy enhances collagen production, resulting in a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. It boosts skin elasticity and suppleness, giving you a youthful glow.

  • Enhanced Muscle Recovery: Red Light Therapy soothes muscle tension, reduces inflammation and pain, and speeds up recovery after a workout or an injury.

  • Boosted Sleep Quality: The therapy aids in adjusting your sleep patterns, supporting the quality sleep needed to recharge and reset your body.

  • Heightened Mental Acuity: Research shows it benefits mood and cognitive function, helping you maintain sharpness and alertness.


At We The People Health and Wellness Center, we tailor every Red Light Therapy session to your individual needs. Our expert therapists guide your therapy with the aim of enhancing your well-being.

Red Light Therapy Pricing

Red Lights


Individual Sessions

Member Price: $36

Non-Member Price: $45

Enjoy a 25 minute session with our state of the art red light therapy. Reduce inflammation, heal and relax in beautiful peaceful surroundings. 


Members Only

5-session package: $165

10-session package: $325

Members of our practice always receive the best pricing!



5-session package: $198

10-session package: $390

Get more health benefits with a package deal.


Spread the gift of wellness and self-care with our Red Light Therapy gift certificates. Available in various denominations, these make perfect presents for friends, family, or loved ones.

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