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Introducing the Patriot Pack by We The People Health and Wellness Center

Prepare for any health situation with our Patriot Pack. Includes prescription medications like Azithromycin, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and Ondansetron, plus essential health supplies and a telehealth visit.

Value and Convenience:

  • Valued at over $600, available for $420 (non-members) or $370 (members).
  • Easy ordering: Purchase online, schedule a telehealth visit, confirm shipping or pick-up, and receive your pack.

Stay Ready, Stay Protected

With the Patriot Pack, you're equipped to handle any health challenge. Order now and take control of your wellness journey.

Patriot Pack- Non-Member Pricing

Choose Your Color Bag
  • We're excited to introduce our Patriot Pack - a comprehensive solution designed to ensure you're prepared for any health situation that may arise.

    Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

    In times of illness or emergency, being prepared is essential. With our Patriot Pack, you can rest assured knowing you have essential medical supplies at your fingertips.

    What's Included:

    Prescription Medications:

    - Azithromycin 250 mg tablets (12)

    - Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg tablets (20)

    - Ivermectin 15 mg compounded capsules (7)

    - Ondansetron 4mg tablets (6)

    Additional Health Essentials Included:

    - Betadine Antiseptic Spray

    - Optimal Vitamin C Plus

    - Optimal Glutathione Plus

    - Zinc Lozenge

    - Vitamin D3, K2

    - Celtic Salt Sample

    - Little Miracle Pain Spray

    - Warming Blanket

    - Tactical Waist Bag (choice from 4 different styles)

    - Pulse Oximeter

    - Our Guide Book

    - We The People Patch

    - 84 in 1 First Aid Kit

    - Telehealth Visit with We The People Health and Wellness Center Physician or Nurse Practitioner

    - T-Shirt "We The People Health and Wellness Center"

    Exceptional Value, Unbeatable Price

    With a value exceeding $600, the Patriot Pack is available to non-members for just $420 and to members of We The People Health and Wellness Center for only $370.  Shipping costs are additional.  Available to Florida Residents Only.


    Easy Ordering Process:

    1. Purchase the pack online.

    2. We'll call you to schedule your telehealth visit, or you can call us at (941)265-1776.

    3. Confirm your shipping address or arrange for pick-up at 959 E. Venice Ave. Venice, FL. 34285.

    4. After your telehealth visit, we'll have our preferred pharmacy prepare your prescription and We The People Health and Wellness Center will assemble your bag and contact you when it is ready. 

    5. Your order will be shipped to you or made available for pick-up.

    Be Prepared, Stay Protected

    With the Patriot Pack from We The People Health and Wellness Center, you can be confident that you're equipped to handle whatever comes your way. Order yours today and take control of your health and wellness journey.

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