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Dr. Michelle Scott Interview

Our Internal Medicine Physician, Dr. Michelle Scott gives us a look into her extensive background in the medical field. 


Ann Vandersteel Interview with Tanya Parus of WTP Health & Wellness Clinic

Ann Vandersteel joins us at our Soft Opening September 7th and tours out state of the art facility with owning partner Tanya Parus.


Natalie Iverson, Internal Medicine, The Hope Hotline Interview

The incredible Natalie Iverson, from We the People Health and Wellness Center, teams up with the inspiring Hope Laipply from Foundation Church The Hope Hotline. They share their insights on promoting holistic well-being.


Pediatrician Dr Renata Moon

Our Pediatrician Dr Renata Moon introducers herself and the pediatric center at We The People Health & Wellness Center


Dr. Pierre Kory from the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

🔊 Listen as Dr. Pierre Kory raves about our approach: 'This clinic focuses on wellness... it's exactly what our health system needs.' 🏥 Join We The People Health and Wellness Center and let's usher in a new era of healthcare together. 🤝


Dr John Humphrey speaks about the importance of the We The People Health & Wellness Center Model

🎉 Big shout out to the phenomenal Dr. Jon Humphrey for standing with “We The People Health and Wellness Center”! 👨‍⚕️💚 Check out our latest video for his heartwarming endorsement. 🎥 A huge thank you, Dr. Humphrey, for your trust and backing.🙏💫


We The People Health & 
Wellness Clinic

Direct Primary Care without the wait. Why our whole patient medical model makes sense and makes healthy people. 


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