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IV Therapy and IM (Intramuscular) Injections

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Ongoing Perks for Members: While complimentary IV therapy sessions won't be part of the membership after September 7, our valued members will continue to enjoy a 20% discount on these sessions. This ensures that you can still access the benefits of IV therapy at an exclusive rate.

Efficient Nutrient Absorption: IV therapy's direct infusion into the bloodstream facilitates a remarkable nutrient absorption rate of up to 90 percent. The result? Rapid, impactful results that enhance your well-being.

Swift and Convenient: Our IV therapy ensures a streamlined experience that respects your schedule. With swift absorption and an efficient process, you can enjoy the transformative benefits without a significant time commitment.

Accessible Wellness for All: Even if you're not a member, you can still relish the advantages of IV therapy. We offer infusion appointments at an affordable price, making well-being attainable for everyone.

Ready to embark on your journey to wellness? Reach out to our office today to secure your infusion session. Experience the potent effects of IV therapy and embrace a new level of vitality. Your path to feeling better starts here.

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IV Therapy
Service Duration 60-90 minutes including completing medical forms

Fuel your life and do more of what you love. Our IV Drips infuse a liter of fluids with essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals and amino acids that go far beyond water alone. Whether you’re committed to the prospect of reducing cellular damage with vitamin C, aiding your body's energy production with B12, or relaxing while supporting muscle health with magnesium, our extensive menu of drip ingredients gives you every opportunity to take your wellness further than you thought possible. Plus, you can customize your drip with the guidance of a medical professional to deliver the nutrients your body and mind would benefit from most.

Members receive discounted pricing.

Intramuscular Shots

Service Duration 5-15 minutes including completing medical forms

Take your best shot! These time-saving injections deliver similar benefits to our IV Drips in a fraction of the time. Choose your superpower and dial up your wellness in five minutes or less. From vitamin D shots that keep you covered for up to eight weeks and all-powerful detoxifying glutathione to energy-boosting vitamin B complex and more. A medical professional will work closely with you to determine which ingredients best suit your body and wellness goals.

Members receive discounted pricing.

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